They find the road blocked by a burning truck and are set upon by a group of demons. What are you talking about? Sam staggers back to the hotel and informs Dean of the extremist lengths the people are going to to fulfill the Angels' wishes. Castiel explains that she can only be killed with a cypress branch wielded by a true servant of Heaven.

Lisa: Just... just come inside. Are you…drunk?

The episode opens with Sam and Dean driving away from unknown enemies, both heavily injured and desperately trying to escape. Castiel: On a bender. Dean: What’s starting? Lisa: Just stay an hour. Let's see the option chosen by Dean in the next show. Sam and Dean are outnumbered by demons, but are saved at the last minute by Rob (guest star Michael Shanks) and his townspeople, who are aware of the Apocalypse, and have been training to fight and kill demons.
Afterwards, Dylan (son of Rob and Jane) asks to ride with the Winchesters but is dragged under the Impala and is killed by a demon. He tells her that, in an ideal world, he would want nothing more than to live in peace with her and her son Ben, but knows that this is impossible. Upon returning to the motel, Dean learns from Castiel and Sam that Leah is in fact dead, and that the creature taking her form is the Whore of Babylon; a creature that manifests during the Apocalypse with the sole purpose of damning humans to Hell. She also tells him that he is one of the Chosen to inherit Paradise, where he will be with the people that he loves. Sam: What the hell happened to you? Monster: Whore of Babylon Demons: Timeline Dean asks Leah about Paradise, and she informs Dean that after there is a major battle, the planet will be handed over to the Chosen, where there will be no monsters, disease, or death but only peace. The small town is very religious and Sam and Dean meet Pastor Gideon (guest star Larry Poindexter), who introduces them to his daughter Leah (guest star Kayla Mae Maloney), whom he claims is a prophet. He fears that Dean is considering saying "yes" to Michael, but Dean claims otherwise. Where the hell have you been? "Supernatural" 99 Problems (TV Episode 2010) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Bond, Silvia. 2010. 99 Problems Episode # Season 5, Episode 17 First aired: April 8, 2010 Directed by: Charles Beeson: Written by: Julie Siege: On IMDB: 99 Problems: Outline: Outnumbered by demons, Sam and Dean are saved at the last minute by a hunter and his very religious townspeople -- all of them aware of the Apocalypse and trained to kill demons! Sam does not accept this and urges Dean to help him stop them. Pastor Gideon, Dean, Sam, Rob, Jane, Dylan, and Paul go to the house and kill/exorcise about 15 demons.
My vote is eight. Sam calls Castiel and when he arrives, they discover the truth about Leah.

The boys logically assume that Pastor Gideon is the only one who fits the bill and succeed in convincing him to kill his daughter's impostor, who is at that moment about to burn the "sinners" alive, including innocent children. Dean does not explain his intentions, but heavily implies his intention of accepting Michael's proposal. Cas, tell us what you really think. Pastor Gideon does not believe this to be just, but Leah assures him that it is necessary for them to reach salvation. "99 Problems" is a good episode of Supernatural, with action, funny moments and dramatic conclusion.

Sam: And? At the last minute, they are saved by some hunters who use a hose to douse the demons in holy water and utter Enochian words that exorcise the demons instantly. Castiel: She rises when Lucifer walks the earth. Dean walks by the bar and find several townsfolk hassling Paul, resulting in Jane shooting him dead "for the greater good". Please. Sam: What’s wrong with you? At least say bye to Ben. Sam visits Paul, the local barman who seems unconvinced by the Angels' plans and the two get drunk together. Dean: Did he—did you say 'on a bender? Dean: The people that I’m gonna see next, they’re not gonna get anything from me without agreeing to a few conditions.

Yes. This creature has the power to take a human’s form, read minds. Dean is uninterested, however, and wishes to leave the townsfolk to it. Lisa: What do you mean? Dean: Wow. 'And she shall come, bearing false prophecy.' And whatever you’re thinking of doing, don’t do it. Castiel: The whore. Title (Brazil): "99 Problemas" ("99 Problems") The mother subsequently blames the boys during the funeral and Leah receives another vision, claiming that in order for them to reach paradise they must follow the Angels' commandments without reservation (such as no premarital sex, no gambling, no drinking etc...). The town is seemingly led by Pastor Gideon but they soon discover that the hunters are guided by what they believe to be the will of Heaven via Leah Gideon, who receives prophetic visions from the angels. The boys, Castiel and Pastor Gideon escape the church, leaving Sam wondering how Dean was able to kill the Whore if he didn't have any faith in Heaven. Dean goes out to clear his head and a very drunk Castiel arrives after Sam left him a message on his voice-mail earlier. ', Dean: Well, what is she, exactly? Sam, Dean, Castiel, and the Pastor try to kill the Whore, but she utters an incantation that cripples Castiel temporarily and uses a mild form of telekinesis to keep Sam and Dean at bay. At the motel, however, Dean drives off to visit Lisa Braeden. The Winchesters convince the hunters, members of the Sacrament Lutheran Militia, to take them back to their refuge (a church) where they discover that people have gathered together in preparation of the Apocalypse, many of them marrying while they still have the chance. Castiel: I found a liquor store. He warns her that in the next few days, things are going to get really bad, but not to worry, because the people he is going to see next will not get anything from him unless they promise to make arrangements for their safety. This page was last edited on 20 May 2020, at 03:27.

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