Thank you! artwork plus written work -- the assignment is to make a diorama with a written report. Include details in your scene to make it look more realistic. You successfully shared the article. 7. Why? October 26, 2010 Teachnet Staff Language Arts, Reading 0. Find an interesting aspect of the story. While your book project shouldn't just list complaints about the book, your teacher will probably appreciate the thought you put into your opinion. Good luck! It also helps you and your friends figure out books to recommend to each other for your next report! Diorama Book Report Directions A diorama, or three-dimensional scene for viewing in a box, is a classic alternative approach to demonstrating comprehension of a book.
If there's a character you didn't like, tell why you would've left her out completely. presentation about the project. This is an obvious, but very important, first step! Maybe you'll make a wanted poster for the book's villain or use a shoebox to create a diorama of your favorite scene. Look out for a confirmation email from us.