Listen people, don't get so upset about this. I will not withold from you no good thing. Yes, in this life, because he knew of people's greed. It’s a noun. Early life. Howmuch are you being paid to push this bull?
111 John 2. Go ahead, I challenge you. That has never stopped me from telling the truth.

Some will no doubt be angry at this article. It means “sect.” And I’m assuming that since you seem so well versed in scripture that you showed Mrs. Meyers the proper love, honor, and respect by going to her first with your issues before blasting her publicly with hearsay and small sections most likely taken out of context. children who have nothing, I love God and want His will in my life. Televangalists, who are just actors, should have their tax exempt status revoked. (Matt 7:22) The bigger problem here is that more attention is being given to the personal possessions of these people than to the gospel of Jesus Christ that they are committed to preaching. don't give turn your tv off, give to charity that is rated a 100 percent that goes to help people, where ceo's make nothing or very little. Read the Bible and you'll find out what it is.

Today you see some men and women calling themselves founder/general overseer. Right??? Now...I'm not saying that these preachers were blessed from God...they've got to work that out for themselves. But I don't givee.

Simple as that. They may be using scripture to teach but they are JUST what Jesus said they were $2000 years ago. He went on to dictate the pacific amounts to the congregation to put in his hands. She is all about money and, all she has done for children, feeding the hungry etc, does not excuse her “ways’ about Christianity. You don't need to pay him for his platitudes.

Stand up with Gods Word and find a way.. a path.. there is only One Way. TRUE RICHES are what we receive from knowing Jesus and there is absolutely no comparison How can someone bring in $80 million and only spend 10% of that towards their ministries? that's a lie. It is their own will they are pursuing. There's plenty to indicate an eternal inheritance of wealth this world is not addressed my friend.

When those that took the place of Christ and made a business out of His people and extracted money from the innocent believer to do so, was when the man made temple became apostate. Agh! Thank you : tithing was a old covenant law, just one of the ways to heaven then, with the new covenant there is no old covenant laws. Then a person will be mature enough to understand they are a vessel for all God's blessings to flow through. God says in His Word not to mess with HIS ANOINTED ONES. All they had was the Torah. Many christians had been ignorant of the word of God which the so clever preachers are using for their selfless gains. It is all of satan's plan to discredit the church. Her ministry is headquartered near the St. Louis suburb of Fenton, Missouri. Never mind Nathan. Its really sad when you have these televangelist preying on all these poor souls who are down and out due to personal circumstance. Blessings in Jesus……. They were not giving the full portion that was due to those who worked and ministered in the temple.It is these priests who were robbing from God and from the nations

? There is no greater purpose in life. Therefore, take the log out of your own eye before you speak about the speck in your brother's eye. NOTHING CAN BE ACCOMPLISH WITHOUT THESE ATTRIBES. Randy you are not understanding this passage about fulfillment. Governments are insane to support them and in the final analysis, it's only for votes. I often will hear the Spirit of the Lord say, whose report will you believe. I know that you were complimenting me, and I do appreciate that. Why would you do that?

As I’ve said many times, I do not believe that preachers should live as paupers, but they should NOT be millionaires!! That way the True Church of Christ will not partake of them. If you take the time to research Joyce Meyer, you will see that she is worth over $25 million. Just think of Jesus. God wants to meet your needs and reveal His promises to you. Rich people focus on self! Sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. FEAR GOD, FOR YOU WILL STAND BEFORE HIM ONE DAY IN JUDGMENT YOURSELF! YOU BETTER GET RIGHT WITH THE LORD!!!!!!!!! 4. I think on Judgement day .. well that's a very sad thought!!! When the attributes of church leaders are described in the Word, it is always referring to men. Search photo: It can be interested for you: Joyce meyer`s house photo (Joyce meyer`s house photo). Have they stolen from you? So, it sounds as if you're saying that the only true believers will be known by their wealth. I also find it lawful that a few say "get a supeona". But, not us, penti-evangelical. They constantly request more money to feed their ministry machine - yet they reserve a gigantic amount for themselves. God's way is the only way. I'm sure you'll have an answer for this just like EVERY other post on here. The tithe of the Old Testament related to foods and other things needed by the priests at that time: the priests spend 24/7 praying for the people Israel.

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