Carring the can is in fact a corruption on cannee an old Gaelic French military term meaning a type of tent or cover to keep gun powder dry. like a small court proceeding. Greetings may also be different in range of application: good even, for example, might be said any time after noon. Here are some of the most useful ones: Prithee means "please." Instead of giving a little head nod, use this word to show your comprehension. If that person was alive and they pulled the string, they were called a dead-ringer. Claudie wrote: I always thought that the doors of the cells went "clink" when they shut behind the prisoner.

a week.

You literally use your thumb to act as a ruler to determine the scale of an object in your painting. So a square meal was a

When a clerk worked at night, it was hard to see by candle-light. Meaning if another doesn't know your weakness s/he can't use them against you. Plagues continued to ravage mankind, so health certificates were issued to travelers, confirming that they were not plague carriers. Comment from Michael: "Are you kidding? Comment from Bill Kling: "Minding one's p's and q's" is a typesetter's admonition. today I want to talk about language. I wonder if the thumb was used as a rough reckoner for inches? The person who took the can was also responsible for paying for the beer, hence the element of responsiblity conveyed by the expression.

In 1555, Edmund Bonner was the Bishop of London. Perchance means "perhaps." Tales have been told that they were designed to keep debris from falling into one’s bed, but the truth is that people who were wealthy enough to own a canopy bed probably did not need to worry about their ceiling rotting and falling into their bed. The expression was intended for people to mind how many Pints and Quarts they drank, or in other words, to behave! I’ve been studying languages for quite some time and now I want to use this blog to write about the things I actually found interesting while studying, but I wasn’t really able to present the way I wanted. If you have any comments about the origins View zan-stefkovic-49b75070’s profile on LinkedIn,,,,,-4992,00.html.

Comment from Angel: This explains the expression in modern America: "Don't tell people where your goat is tied up --- then they can never get your goat". larger meal than they would otherwise be having - a good square People would eat the stew for dinner, leaving leftovers The majority of them can fit easily into any conversation that you're having in the current day and age.

It was also rare for just one person to sleep in a bed, unless they were wealthy, visiting guests often slept with their host and hostess. Where did you get this? Note: the American colonials hated making boards So many sailors were from such poor and under Thank you I am really glad to see that it is appreciated If you have anything specific you would like to read about in the future, let me know and I will see if it can be done. This gave twice as much light, but burned out in half the time. They were not allowed to untie it until they had consummated the marriage. I believe otherwise." Usually a table was just one board, sometimes two, about antiques: The British war ships of the time of Nelson and She tilts her head appropiately and smiles with admiration and adoration. From This is where I buy most of my gaming stuff.

Although the words sound similar, the former has a classier ring to it. The canopy and the surrounding bed curtains did help keep the warmth in though. From Randy: The word Bon Fire is taken from Tudor History. Another possibility: As an artist, I always thought that this saying applied to the act of using one's thumb as a judge of scale. It's a good way to shake things up after months of saying "ttyl.". Start out by saying, "Prithee, don't be mad at me," and if you're lucky, they'll be too impressed by your mature attitude to stay angry.

That was the task of the last person who was to take a bath, since it was custom for several people to take a bath in the same bathtub in order to fully use the precious warm water. used by the carpenter for general tasks like fixing the ship, From Poe? Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Even a person who lived in a small village and never left it, had papers to prove their identity. of common English phrases, please CLICK HERE. Hence thrash out (in the sense of discussing), threshold (one word, one h, never two), thresh (separate grain by beating -- and on to the relatively recent construct thresher), threshing floor (the obvious), and treadmill (treadmill -- too obvious). (what they ate). Bill says: Thresh (to beat grain) comes from the Old English and has the same root as thrash (to flail about). I hope you found it at least a bit interesting. They aren't that difficult to understand, which is what makes them so useful. The table it Change ).

plates on a sailors' table. set on trestles, making a long narrow surface to eat from. English equivalent: go to pot / to go to the dogs, “As far back as the 1500s, bad or stale food that was not thought to be suitable for human consumption was thrown to the dogs. selection process involves "going before a board", being In modern day, you will often see the priest place a sash around their hands rather than rope, and it is from this that the saying comes. So in this post I want to talk about German Idioms stemming from the Middle Ages and their variants in different languages.

So when you're calling your dog over to you, and he won't listen, command him to "Come hither."

33 Eye-Wateringly Funny Dutch Phrases and Idioms [Infographic] January 15, 2017. Special bell ringing devices were put above graves so the buried person, if they revived, could bring help to unearth them. Rob Flynn says: The phrase is actually 'burning the candle at both ends of the day' i.e. Gramercy means "thank you." Another obscure explanation: It came from the hobby of coin collecting. This is also the origin of the term Graveyard Shift. ( Log Out /  Origin:  Couldn’t really find a lot, but obviously: after any kind of damage is done to pay for it. Of course, they did not have photos to go with these IDs, so counterfeit and bogus papers became a booming trade in the underworld. I enjoyed your page very much!

Claudie wrote: A Swedish exchange student told me that illiterate sailors and soldiers of yesteryear would send a piece of rope to their sweethearts when they wanted to get married. to dinner was called "coming to the board," a table would be set as the sailors' table. So to carry the can meant to take responsibly for the army’s fire power.“ (,,-4992,00.html), French equivalent: payer les pots cassés – to pay for broken pots. After several coffins were excavated and found to have scratches on the inside, morticians began the process of tying a string to the finger of the corpse. Women in a home or inn where a bum came in would chase, or sweep, the unwanted, out of the place with said broom. A REALITY CHECK FROM A VISITOR TO THESE PAGES: If you're going out to eat with your friend after your classes end, tell her that you'll meet her at McDonalds anon. People were dying in great numbers from disease, so there was a rush to bury them before disease spread. Although the medieval times took place hundreds of years ago, the words used during the time period aren't all that foreign. It might not work, but it's worth a shot. Aye means "yes, I understand." to sling your hammock, (not A room) and board was your scran. for their room (where they slept) and their "board" table. This distinguishes it from a 'Board', 50 Amusing German Phrases That Will Brighten Your… February 14, 2017. I am a long time lover of word origins. That’s the pot which it would go.” (, French equivalent: tomber bien bas / finir dans la misère – to fall really low – to end in misery (self-explanatory), Etwas ausbaden müssen – to have to out bath something, Meaning: to take the blame or responsibility for something that is wrong or has not succeeded ( If you disagree with someone, say, "Nay. Also their meanings have to be learned, you can’t simply know them or understand them just by looking at them. This one is quite visual, so you could maybe get the meaning just by looking at it in a certain context. Peter wrote: the French word for an inch (puce) is the same as for a thumb. Coming

The expression is from boxing, where a boxer being counted out is "saved by the bell" if the round ends before the count.". It's one of the benefits of learning medieval words that fit perfectly into everyday conversations. Judith interjects: Isn't it kind of strange that if "black market" is a medieval term, the Oxford English Dictionary doesn't show it as having been first used until 1931 in "The Economist." The coin had to be immersed in a liquid named "pease", then it was bathed in another liquid known as "kyuse". MIDN, RAN, Royal Australian Navy: Another Naval expression, correctly A troth is "a swear or a promise." Just a thought.

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