Should you have any concerns about your health, or of that of your baby or child, please consult with your doctor. It’s also a character in the book series, Shades of Magic, as well as a muse for several songs. Gellert is probably most known from its use in the Harry Potter series, for the character Gellert Grindelwald, played by Johnny Depp. Fenella is a Celtic name meaning “white-shouldered one.”. The name befits his active and badass personality and makes society take them with respect and reverence. Mom Loves Best® is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Noelani is a Hawaiian name referring to “heavenly mist.”. In ancient Greek mythology, Triton was the messenger of the sea and son of Neptune. According to old Norse legends, Regin was a mythical blacksmith who was well-versed in the art of dark magic.

Nicholas draws its roots from Greek and defines “people of victory.”. The name has always been popular with royals as well as being a Harry Potter character, James Potter.

Should You Take Birth Control Pills Before IVF Treatment?

Draw inspiration from pop culture and all things mystical with these names for your baby boy. But you’re likely familiar with the titular character in the Wizard of Oz, and they’re one in the same! A cool badass name for your little boy ensures the little boy is never taken for a boring and docile person. It’s also a name with a long history, originating from ancient Greece where it belonged to the goddess of the rainbow.

Cedric - Another nod to the Harry Potter series after the courageous Cedric Diggory, this name has Celtic origins and means “gift of splendor.”. The name is the first impression of a person. Eric comes from old Norse and translates to “eternal ruler.”. Here we’ve gathered some tips for you to use. Hunt is the badass diminutive of Hunter meaning ‘the one who hunts’. The “Ev” sound is quite trendy at the moment, making this name one to watch out for. Saga is in the top 30 of the most popular girls’ names in Sweden. A pop culture reference would be the book series by Fanny Burney called Evelina, which is about a magical water witch. You can also spell Faye without the “E” on the end, but about 300 girls born in 2014 kept it. Ambrose conveys a magical spirit and an upbeat sound. Darby, meaning ‘deer town’ has been the name of the frontman of a famous punk rock band ‘the Gems’. Lavinia is a Victorian-sounding name with enough charm to eventually become popular.

Still, Gary deserves a spot on this list for its use in the series, Tinkerbell, which has been restoring some of its magic.

Jagger is a unique badass name meaning ‘hawker of goods’. This badass name implies stoic strength. It’s made some appearances in various supernatural movies and novels, including I, Frankenstein and The Dreams in the Witch House.

It’s a beautiful name, but it’s hampered by Hamlet’s tragic heroine, which caused the name to remain dormant for years. Edward has long been the name of royals and kings — parents today may find nicknames Ned or Ted more attractive. Information on our advertising guidelines can be found. James - Take a page from Harry Potter and go for the name of Harry Potter’s dad, a powerful wizard of Hogwarts. We won't send you spam.

It was also the middle name of Caroline “Carrie” Ingalls in “Little House on the Prairie.”, Circe comes from the Greek word for “bird.”.

Harley meaning ‘hare’s meadow’ is associated with the macho image of Harley Davidson.

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