Upon receipt of the waiver, the Department will waive the 300-yard prohibition and will not use the prohibition as the basis for the denial of a new permit.

Immediately preceding text appears at serial page (266301). (3)  Submit additional bond to the Department in an amount sufficient to pay for the cost of vehicular transportation and offsite leachate treatment until final closure, if the landfill operator fails to provide offsite treatment in a manner that is consistent with the permit, the act and this chapter.

A greater thickness may be required depending upon the recommendations of the manufacturer. (2)  Based upon the characteristics of the waste at the facility and the performance of the liner system, the parameter is unlikely to cause or contribute to groundwater degradation in the future.

Unless alternative design requirements to meet the performance standards in subsection (a) are approved as part of the permit under §  271.231 (relating to equivalency review procedure), the secondary liner shall meet, at a minimum, the requirements of the table in §  273.256(e) (relating to primary liner).

Residual Waste Management—General Provisions Chapter 288. Radiation detector elements shall be shielded to maintain the average background below 10 µR/hr. Except as provided in paragraphs (9) and (10), the disposal area of the landfill may not be within 500 feet measured horizontally from an occupied dwelling unless the current owner of the dwelling has provided a written waiver consenting to the disposal area being closer than 500 feet. This section cited in 25 Pa. Code §  273.161 (relating to liner system and leachate control plan); and 25 Pa. Code §  273.251 (relating to scope and requirements). (6)  If plastic casing is used, it shall be threaded and gasket sealed to preclude potential sample contamination from solvent welded joints, unless otherwise provided by the Department in the permit. (a)  Requirement. Immediately preceding text appears at serial pages (228342) and (267579) to (267580). (ii)   The completed areas of the site as well as areas partially filled but not active during the previous year.

6201 to 6209, Municipal waste transporters: 25 Pennsylvania Code (Pa. Code) 285.201 to 285.225, Residual waste transporters: 25 Pa. Code 287.1, 25 Pa. Code 299.211 to 299.221, 25 Pa. Code 299.231, and 25 Pa. Code 299.232, Prohibitions: 25 Pa. Code 285.211 and 25 Pa. Code 285.219, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Office of Air, Recycling, and Radiation Protection Bureau of Land Recycling and Waste Management Division of Hazardous Waste Management.
(4)  A leachate collection system for the permitted disposal area, as required by §  273.251 and §  273.258 (relating to leachate collection system within protective cover).

Residual Waste Landfills Chapter 289.

(a)  The operator shall implement the closure plan approved by the Department under §  273.192 (relating to closure plan). Users of the recovered gas shall be informed of the chemical quality of the gas.

(3)  Be hard, uniform, smooth and free of debris, rock, plant materials and other foreign material. A facility or a component thereof that is subject to this chapter may not have a secondary liner based upon natural attenuation of leachate. The provisions of this Chapter 273 issued under section 105(a) of the Solid Waste Management Act (35 P. S. §  6018.105(a)); sections 5(a), 304 and 402 of The Clean Streams Law (35 P. S. § §  691.5(a), 691.304 and 691.402); and sections 1905-A, 1917-A and 1920-A of The Administrative Code of 1929 (71 P. S. § §  510-5, 510-17 and 510-20); amended under the Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act (53 P. S. § §  4000.101—4000.1904); the Solid Waste Management Act (35 P. S. § §  6018.101—6018.1003); The Clean Streams Law (35 P. S. § §  691.1—691.1001); section 104(a) of the Land Recycling and Environmental Remediation Standards Act (35 P. S. §  6026.104(a)); the act of July 13, 1988 (P. L. 525, No.

(b)  The landfill, or cell of the landfill where disposal would occur, shall be designed, operated and maintained only for the disposal of ash residue, unless one of the following requirements is met: (1)  The leachate collection and treatment system at the facility can collect and treat leachate generated from the ash residue and other waste disposed at the facility under this chapter and other applicable laws. (3)  Buildings, utility corridors and facilities which will be used in the operation.

(ii)   Within 5,000 feet—or 1,524 meters—of a runway that is or will be used by piston-type aircraft at an FAA-certified airport during the life of disposal operations under the permit. 6685. Immediately preceding text appears at serial page (238977). The equipment shall be maintained in an operable condition.


The provisions of this §  273.281 amended December 22, 2000, effective December 23, 2000, 30 Pa.B.

(c)  The abatement plan shall be completed and submitted to the Department for approval within 90 days of the time the obligation arises under this section unless the date is otherwise modified, in writing, by the Department. (iv)   For carcinogens, the level represents a concentration associated with an excess lifetime cancer risk level of 1.0 x 10-5 at the property boundary. (3)  Withstand anticipated loads, stresses and disturbances from overlying waste, waste cover materials and equipment operation. (2)  The applicant shall meet the following requirements: (i)   The applicant owned or entered into an enforceable option contract to purchase land on which the expansion would operate on or before December 23, 2000, and still holds the option rights, still owns the land or owns the land pursuant to the option rights contract when the permit expansion is issued.

6685. 6190; amended December 22, 2000, effective December 23, 2000, 30 Pa.B. Immediately preceding text appears at serial pages (226174) to (226175). The system shall consist, at a minimum, of the following: (1)  At least one monitoring well at a point hydraulically upgradient from the disposal area in the direction of increasing static head that is capable of providing representative data of groundwater not affected by the facility, except when the facility occupies the most upgradient position in the flow system. (3)  Leachate transportation from the facility has not caused or contributed to surface water or groundwater pollution. (c)  Equipment and material required by this section shall be tested and maintained so that it is operable in time of emergency.

4185; amended December 22, 2000, effective December 23, 2000, 30 Pa.B. For an expansion of a municipal waste landfill permitted between April 9, 1988, and December 23, 2000, in coal bearing areas underlain by recoverable or mineable coals, unless one of the following is met: (i)   The applicant owns the underlying coal. The base line of the grid system shall be marked with two permanent monuments that show elevation.

Except to the extent that the Department waives in writing any of the following for nonsynthetic secondary liners, these properties shall include, at a minimum: (9)  Seam strength—(percentage of liner strength). (8)  The location of buildings currently in use within 1/4 mile of the proposed facility. The application shall contain plans sufficient to demonstrate compliance with §  273.212 (relating to access control), including plans showing fencing and barriers to be constructed at the proposed facility in full elevation, fully dimensioned and with the type of construction materials specified.

(5)  A description of waste handling problems or emergency disposal activities. This section cited in 25 Pa. Code §  273.132 (relating to operation plan). The provisions of this §  273.132 amended December 22, 2000, effective December 23, 2000, 30 Pa.B. 10 mesh sieve. 5105. (3)  The area subject to leachate recirculation is underlain by a leachate collection system. (a)  The applicant shall submit a plan to manage surface water and control erosion during all phases of construction and operation at the proposed facility. (2)  Drainage systems may be utilized to prevent contact between the bottom of the subbase of the liner system and the seasonal high water table or perched water table.

(e)  The abatement plan shall be implemented within 60 days of approval by the Department in accordance with the approved implementation schedule.

(j)  Loads composed primarily of leaf waste may not be disposed at the facility. (a)  An operator of a municipal waste landfill that has received, is receiving or will receive 30,000 or more cubic yards of solid waste in a calendar year shall weigh solid waste when it is received. 6685. (10)  Occupied dwelling—new landfill.

(a)  A gate or other barrier shall be maintained at potential vehicular access points to block unauthorized access to the site when an attendant is not on duty.

Sampling and analysis shall be conducted in accordance with a plan approved by the Department under §  273.152(b) (relating to water quality monitoring plan).

An example of a combination is a truck tractor attached to a semi-trailer. The analysis shall be sufficient to determine the impact of leachate on the liner system, the effectiveness of the leachate treatment system, the need for modification of the groundwater monitoring system or the effluent limitations in an NPDES permit and the actual characteristics of leachate from the waste disposed at the facility.

(6)  The leachate collection system shall be cleaned and maintained as necessary.

The provisions of this §  273.231 reserved December 22, 2000, effective December 23, 2000, 30 Pa.B. (10)  The location of barriers, fences and similar structures required by §  273.212 (relating to access control). (3)  The waste being received has been disinfected by a permitted processing facility.

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