All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) by Enterprise Singapore helps Singapore companies upgrade their business, adopt technology and innovative processes, and grow their overseas presence, under three pillars: Core Capabilities, Innovation and Productivity, and Market Access. Big companies will take more responsibility for the front end of their supply chain too, with ethical sourcing and provenance of product also an important part of the puzzle. This way, previously-known employees can skip the onboarding stage–or at least a large portion of it–freeing up their time to be productive straight away. ... September 8, 2020 1. At its core, the gig economy enables businesses to tap into talent pools that are hard to reach: those with caring needs, disabled people, or those outside of major cities. In the early years of independence post-1965, the city-state’s founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew made a clean and green Singapore the cornerstone of his government policies. The Competitive Research Programme (Water) is a funding scheme by PUB which aims to fund basic and applied R&D projects that possess potential in developing innovative and novel solutions for the water industry. Here is a list of 30 government funding and incentives for the environment to help businesses understand and navigate the various resources available: The Energy Efficiency Fund (E2F) by NEA provides funding for businesses to improve the energy efficiency of industrial facilities, including for resource efficient design of new facilities and major expansions; energy assessment of existing facilities; adoption of energy efficient equipment technologies; and implementation of an Energy Management Information System.

Under the APF, the Productivity Enhancement Scheme supports the adoption of automated, advanced and integrated farming systems. See also, Published in Subsidiary Legislation Supplement on 30 Jun 2020. As the start of a new decade peers over the horizon, many business leaders will be looking back on how much has changed over the last ten years. AWARDS. All of the above relies on a huge degree of trust, both between suppliers and corporates, and employers and employees. Trust will enable transparency. Approved courses are available for energy, environmental services and building sectors. Built Environment Accelerate to Market Programme (BEAMP). Green Buildings Innovation Cluster (GBIC) Building Energy Efficient Demonstrations Scheme (GBIC-Demo). The onus will be on big corporates to make the move to these sustainable talent models, enabling employees to come and go as they please, while ultimately helping drive the bottom line. To start making the right moves before it’s too late, businesses need to move from an “out of sight, out of mind” production model to being accountable for their whole end-to-end supply chain. This will be achieved through the integrated development of R&D in 4 key verticals: Advanced Construction, Resilient Infrastructure, New Spaces, and Greater Sustainability, and supported by 2 enabling horizontals of Urban Environment Analytics and Complexity Science for Urban Solutions. The maximum loan tenure is 5 years and the interest rate is determined by the financial institution. View all Courses. The qualifying issuance must be a minimum size of $200 million or a bond programme size of at least $200 million with an initial issuance of at least $20 million, and a minimum tenure of 1 year. The Singapore Certified Energy Manager (SCEM) programme is designed for engineering professionals who intend to build their career as energy managers. Singapore’s sustainability journey Singapore’s own journey in sustainability has generally mirrored global trends over the past few decades – albeit with its own twists and turns. But within the next year, we will see all of the above start to take shape in some of the world’s biggest businesses. The research themes include: Sustainable Urban Food Production to increase the productivity of local food producers beyond what is achievable by current best-in-class technologies; and Future Foods: Alternative Proteins to seek alternative and more sustainable methods to produce protein-rich foods and beverages. Funding support is provided up to 70% of qualifying project costs. The Built Environment Accelerate to Market Programme (BEAMP) was set up by BCA, JTC and Enterprise Singapore to bring inventors and companies together to fast-track the innovation process to solve built environment industry challenges.
This means giving people the ability to work anywhere, anytime.
From an employer and employee perspective, Microsoft recently trialed a 4-day working week in Japan, which saw increased productivity. Sustainability issues have come to the fore, not least because of recent conversations on the impact of climate change to Singapore. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. These plans are outlined in our Sustainable Singapore Blueprint. PUB would launch Request-for-Proposals (RFPs) in specific areas and/or in the open category. As almost every industry is now facing a major skills shortage, bringing the gig economy out of the shadows and into the corporate enterprise world will mean that in 2020, we will see previously untapped talent adding new or forgotten skills to the workforce.

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